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The Experts in Seal Coating

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We work hard to make sure your coating lasts

The American Asphalt Seal Coating experts work hard to add solid, lasting asphalt seal coating to your lot that will ensure it looks new longer than other lots on the same street. Our contractors stand by their work, and you can stand by our expertise.


•  Seal coating adds the perfect edges to your driveway or parking lot

•  We seal and patch cracks with hot rubber to ensure consistency

•  We brush on the asphalt seal coating to last longer


To see our work, simply call our office for locations that we've worked, and compare to the lots we haven't. We're confident you'll want our experts in asphalt seal coating to take on your needs. Contact us to make appointment today!

Our expert asphalt seal coating professionals guarantee a great finished product, every time!



Coat your asphalt with a seal that will last for years

We take the time to make sure your asphalt seal coating is made to keep the finish on your pavement looking new for years to come. Our licensed professionals are experts!