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Save time and money with quality asphalt resurfacing

Besides the fact that you may not have the budget for a brand new lot or driveway, replacing the entire thing may not be necessary. Our expert asphalt resurfacing services are complete and consistent, and will offer a new look at a budget price.


•  We patch, seal coat, and seal up cracks

•  We can raise up spots to overlay

•  Your driveway or parking will look new for years


Contact us today to see how much we can save you by resurfacing your existing lot or driveway, rather than replacing it. With the quality service our paving experts provide, we guarantee you'll be impressed - we stand by our work!

Save time and money with a quality resurfacing on your lot or driveway. Contact us today!



Make your parking lot or driveway look new again

At American Asphalt Seal Coating, we'll make your driveway or parking lot look brand new with our premium asphalt resurfacing. We guarantee it!